Unleashing The Force Of Brands — Customer’s Centric Branding Earns Customers And Products Driven Branding Produces Products Only

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'Branding' has become one of the most important drivers in business success acquisition. Since tens of thousands of the manufacturers and service providers are providing same services in any of the particular client base, the consumers are more likely to go for those businesses whose perceived values marry consumers' expectations.

So, a branding strategy is always required to get the products/services moved to the customers with proper ROI. There're some questions related to branding strategy and answering them is quite necessary for successful branding strategy.

  • In any competitive market, how consumers actually feel about brand's value, projection and delimiter. It means that 'what actual position a brand takes in consumers' perceptions'.
  • In a particular market, what 'target position' a brand wants to hold? How can a brand devise strategically different target value proposition and target segment?
  • What are the ways to reach that 'ideal' target position in consumers' perceptions and what road maps with significant miles stones needed to be trailed over for reaching that 'ideal' from current 'real' position?
  • What are the vulnerable entries for entire marketing mix in competitive market? How 4P's of marketing mix; product, pricing, promotion and place can be analyzed for detailed action plan and consistent adaptation?
  • How much investments this 'branding road map' involve and what is the corresponding ROI?
Finally, I would like to add that businesses working on 'product driven philosophies produce products only' and businesses working on 'customer driven branding produce customers. Having said, analyzing 'ideal consumers' behavior' is necessary before vying for your e-commerce solutions. Likewise, internet marketing strategies should also be plotted primarily on your consumers' expectations.
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