Why Do Most Websites Need a Redesign?

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Your website users are continuously kvetching about your website’s out-dated looks, old and dying content, baffling navigation and poor usability? Before opting for the solutions, let’s go through the following somewhat analogous situation; If passengers riding on public transport complainagainst the broken, irksome condition of the buses that run at the pace of turtles, then what should the transport agency do? It can arrange new vehicles or it can launch a whole scale renovation process so that the passengers may be kept tacked with the services. Latter option sounds more practicable because it involves lesser resources and lesser time consumption as compared to the earlier one. Same goes with the web application development A whole new website development might be more attractive for the customers but might not be much suitable for many of business owners. That's why website redesign is more feasible. Most of the web services vendors would readily dress up their offerings as solutions and start grinding their teeth at your flesh. So, you need to know what you’re looking for. Mere change in colors, addition of some new links and replacing few dozens of words do not mean ‘website redesigning’.

What is Website Redesigning

Redesigning a website means to cope with performance issues related with usability, speed, cross platform – both mobile and large screens, and maintenance etc. Being a web Design Company, we let our friends have totally improvised websites with better website structure, optimized and fresh content, user friendly content and browser compatibility. Integrating with latest tools also comes with redesigning spree. These websites perform better and offer engaging user-experience.   Besides that, even if your website doesn’t necessarily undergoes any performance issues, it’s always better to don up new design for your website; for the same reason you change your dresses every day and you put a new paint on your room by every one or two years.
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