Why Pinterest’s Herald Wists Failed — A Lesson For Startups

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There are billions of websites on the World Wide Web and web application development is compounding to new fantastic realms of journey. The guardians of all this parading web procession; tech entrepreneurs have mixture of experiences and often they gasp and puff their ventures. Well, Pinterest is the hottest and most vibrant social network. Battalions of marketers and users have started grinding there within eye-winking span. But someone isn’t happy about all this Pinterest hype. Who’s he? David Galbrith-- he is co-founder of Yelp and founder of Pinterest’s precursor, Wists which was first visual bookmarking website. Telling his nostalgic vibes, David says that when he launched his ‘wists.com’ six years ago, he hoped he'd readily get a good deal of traction but the things happened otherwise. Yet he can proudly claim that he’s the founder of ‘visual bookmarking’.Talking about his ‘wist’, he says, he was a little unlucky because the time and technology wasn’t well cloaked for visual bookmarking and besides consumers weren’t psychologically ready to adapt with e-commerce, six years ago when wists was aired. But Pinterest has been a great success up till now and it’s offering a great buzzing consumer base as well. Unluckily, wists couldn’t reap the success but David is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for many ground breakers. There is a simple insight that we can get from wists-to-pitnerest clip. Web development and Web Designing is not about the creativity all the time. Understanding contemporary tech resources and consumer behaviors is rather more important to hold grounds in virtual world. There isn’t any doubt that E-commerce is the only respiratory organ for your business but there’re some impeding bottlenecks as well. So, e-commerce solutions can create sound and compatible scenario for you and prospects for success increase exponentially.
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