Windows Phone 8 — Multi Core Support, Nokia Maps, Google’s Payment Part, Skype & VOIP Integration

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Past few years weren’t any cool for Microsoft but suddenly all that turned chilling and eye-freezing for Microsoft when it showed up with its Windows 8 ‘Surface’ and Windows 8 in last couple of days or so. Frankly speaking, it looks as if Microsoft is tugging up its trousers and sleeves to put die hard ordeal against current tech tycoons such as Apple, Google, Samsung etc. Though it would be quite premature that MSFT has risen like a phoenix from ashes but nevertheless it’s a significant leap from its current mediocrity. It reminds me a song that I used to hear while I was lost and out;

Right hook Knock out, Left hook knock out, straight upper cut, left right hook knock out, 1 2 combination and it’s a knock out, jumping head first, this is a knock out…..

Windows 8 Phone's Features

Anyways, let’s have a user look at MSFT’s Windows 8 phone. Microsoft has made some significant changes in Windows 8 OS. New OS is dual core and quad core supporting and likewise Near Field communication is facilitated terrifically. For creating an environment encouraging both mobile and desktop ecosystems simultaneously, Windows 8 has been shifted to NT kernel. Now developers would be able to develop for both mobile and desktop systems in a go.

Besides, Microsoft has provided excellent Wallet solutions that work directly with the carriers; it means a collaborative mobile payment between Verizone, AT&T and T-mobile etc. Near Field Communications and support for external SD memory cards, three screen resolutions, deeper skype and VOIP integration, Nokia Maps etc are other exciting attractions for the users.

But existing windows devices aren’t fully able to grasp the fruits. So, MSFT is going to bring.a Windows Phone 7.8 update which would partly support some of Windows 8 features. For full Windows 8 compatibility, new hardware would be needed.

What's Next.....???

Windows has brought some new vibrations in mobile and software industry. Windows mobile application development was at its lowest ebbs for last year but with new Windows 8, windows app developers would find new horizons in mobile application development. Apple, Samsung, Nokia and now Microsoft have brought some unique features in their devices and now it’s Blackberry lagging miles behind all of others. Who would win this ongoing battle, what are your thoughts?
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